Components Automotive Air Conditioning Compressors parti 1

Components Automotive
Air Conditioning
parti 1


There are various makes and types of compressors used in automotive air conditioning systems operating on R134a. The internal design could be Piston, Scroll, Wobble plate, Variable stroke or Vane. Regardless, all operate as the pump in the A/C system to keep the
R134a and lubricating oil circulating, and to increase the
refrigerant pressure and thus temperature.

Sanden - Wobble plate:
A reciprocating piston, fixed displacement compressor.The pistons are operated by a wobble plate, whichmoves them backwards and forwards in the cylinders. As the front shaft turns the wobble plate angle changes, causing the pistons to move in and out, pulling refrigerant vapor in through the suction side, compressing it and discharging this high pressure vapor into the condenser.


Sanden - Wobble plate
Scroll type - Sanden:
This compressor uses a unique design with two scrolls,
one fixed and one is movable, both are inter-leaved. The movable spiral is able to ORBIT or oscillate without actually fully rotating. The movable scroll is connected to the input shaft via a concentric bearing. As the movable spiral oscillates within the fixed spiral, a number of pockets are formed between the spiral. As these pockets decrease in size the refrigerant is squeezed, the pressure increases and is discharged
 through a reed valve at the discharge port in the rearsection of the compressor.

Scroll type - Sanden:
 Compression Cycle:


Compression Cycle

Variable stroke - Harrison V5:The Delphi (Harrison) V5 compressor is a non-cycling variable displacement compressor.
The compressor varies displacement to control capacity to meet A/C system demand at all
operating conditions. The compressor features a variable angle wobble plate in five (V5)
cylinder axial piston design.
Displacement is controlled by a bellows actuated control valve located in the rear cylinder
head. This control valve senses and responds to the system suction pressure or A/C system
demand. Through regulation of compressor crankcase pressure, the wobble plate angle, and
therefore compressor displacement is variable.
In general, the compressor discharge pressure is much greater than the compressor
crankcase. Which is greater than or equal to the compressor suction pressure. At maximum
displacement, compressor crankcase pressure is equal to the compressor suction
pressure. At reduced or minimum displacement, the compressor crankcase pressure is
greater than the suction pressure.

Variable stroke - Harrison V5

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